On the podium of peace
Get home work done well. Join the work of townsman actively is direct o indirect serve to the country’s construction
Shovel out ridges, form one piece of field.
Bring you to our commune
Chairman Mao directed the bright way
Strive for accomplishing the 5-year plan exhaustively and exceedingly
Feed the livestock of our commune to fat and strong
Produce quality products to support the national economy and construction.
Celebrate June 1st Children’s Day
Advance along the Socialism way
Walk Socialism’s way, be a literate person.
Use our hands to do something helpful for the country
Be an active member of Socialism construction
Help mother to learn literacy
Children, let’s join the little five-year-plan movement.
Train up new force for speed up the country’s Socialism Industrialization
Celibate May 1st International Labor Day.
Over fulfil the load and unload task safely
A great plan that can conquer the nature – a radical cure to the flooding of Yellow River, develop water conservancy for Yellow River
Predominate the scientific skills of agriculture to ensure production of crops increase every year.
Youth of the villages, carry forward towards agriculture science.
Chairman Mao was visiting villages
Not to waste even a piece or a drop
Feed the pigs of our commune to fat and strong
Books are our best friends
Thank you for your help. Thank you for your support.
Feed more green coarse fodder to pigs to save more food for the country.
Bring the victory train opening message to Chairman Mao
Produce more food to support the country’s construction
Spring arrives Tibet
Long live People's Liberation Army
Pay tribute to People's Liberation Army of China
Long life motherland. Long life peace.
Chairman Mao was inspecting Yellow River
The river will be clear soon
The day to build the village
Spring arrive hometown.
The battle to liberate Luoyang
Lu Xun