Forum regulation and agreement

No. 1 General Rule
Members want to leave articles and replies on, must follow the related laws and rules of People’s Republic of China, bear all legal liabilities that caused by you directly or indirectly.

No.2 Prohibited contents on our forum
Please follow these rules, otherwise the webmaster reserves the right to lock, delete the articles or replies. In serious cases, we will blockade the writer’s account.

2.1 Do not leave or place any article, replies or messages that are against to the law and constitution of People’s Republic of China. Members must not reveal all kinds of state secrets.

2.2 Do not post any message to defame the leaders of the Nation and the Party, attack and offence the government of People’s Republic of China. Do not post any message to damage the Nation’s honor and interests.

2.3 Do not post or link any content that is false, pornography, violence, gambling and superstition.

2.4 Do not post any message to publicize racial discrimination to damage national unity, disrupt social order and damage social stability.

2.5 Please use civilized language. Do not post any message that is personal attacks, abuse or slander to anyone or any member.

No.3 Lock and or delete a message.
Articles, replies or messages that contain these problems will be deleted by our web master.

3.1 Messages that are unhealthy, reactionary and conflict to the country’s laws.

3.2 Messages that are too extreme or involve to sensitive topics.

3.3 Spamming is prohibited: Repeating posts and replies. Vote without content. Posts irrelevant to the theme / topic. Posts using all numbers, dirty words, bad languages, punctuation marks and meaningless signs on the title or content.

3.4 Continuously post the same or very similar articles or replies.

3.5 Posts that are meaningless clamor, recrimination, ridicule, attack someone, damage other people’s reputation. Comparison posts that rise up self-value by
depreciating others.

3.6 Posts on behalf of others’ name.

3.7 Fraudulent activities on the forum.

3.8 Violation of website’s “transaction rules’. Make known to public personal or others transaction information, orders, private letters (including emails, posts and all forms of communication) and personal and others personal information.

3.9 Post any forms of advertisements.

3.10 Not classified according to the section of the Forum.

3.11 The webmaster reserves the right to keep or delete any content of any posts.

No. 4 Regulation of move or modify a post. Under these circumstances, a post will be move or modify by the webmaster.

4.1 When a post is not related to the theme / topic of the page / section.

4.2 When the post is more suitable for other section, topic or theme.

4.3 Articles that messy on the title or the content.

4.4 Other contents that our webmaster consider that should be modified.

No.5 Regulation of re-posting anything from others.

5.1 Member (a person who post anything) posts any article or image which taken from others must indicate it’s original source and time and takes all the responsibilities of doing that.

5.2 Our website has the right to re-post or quote any article and image that were posted on our website by our members.

5.3 Our website ‘’ has the right to manage the contents of all sections and pages on our website. Without our permission, the images, contents and all data on our website are not allowed to copy, reprint, post, show and reproduce in any way.

No. 6 Ownership of articles on our forum / website.
Posts and replies on our forum / website by our members are all considered properties owned by our website / company. Members (the person who posted) must consent us (this website and the company) to re-post or publish the messages they posted for free.

No.7 Regulation of registration

7.1 Do not register or sign using a name of a party, nation, leaders of a country or national organization or other organizations.

7.2 Do not register or sign using a true name or stage name of a celebrity.

7.3 Do not register a name same as or too similar to other members.

7.4 Do not using uncivilized words or dirty words as your register user name or signature.

No.8 Additional regulation
In case argument on the translation between Chinese and English, the Chinese meaning should override the English meaning. reserves the right to explain and interpret the meaning of this regulation and agreement. To suggest a constructive suggestion, please email us.